Ronen Oren & Co. is one of the leading and prominent law offices in the field of taxation (both criminal and civil), also engaged in business mergers and recovery. Our team of legal experts and accountants, including former position holders at the VAT, Customs, Income Tax and Betterment Tax authorities. The firm is regarded as a boutique law office that provides creative and original solutions through direct contact with the Tax Authority, as an integral part of the process, applying extensive experience that allowed to successfully handle hundreds of complex cases.
The firm conducts its activities diligently and with full transparency for client’s benefit, motivated by concept that the client is the essence and should receive a through service by applying a clear and suitable strategy that complies with provisions of the law.
The firm has a proven experience in providing creative and original solutions and conducting complex queries approved by the various tax authorities and courts of law. The Office has been a part of a long like of precedent-setting decisions and extraordinary achievements.
As part of our cooperation with the leading firms worldwide, the Office provides a perfect solution to every client interested in operating outside of Israel in the fields of law, business and banking, while creating a convenient environment for the client’s success and goal achievement.
Firm’s staff provides legal, accounting and taxation expert opinions for individuals and companies, both in Israel and abroad, while such comprehensive services greatly contribute to client’s success.

Adv. Ronen Oren, LL.B, certified by the Israel Bar Association as of 1997. With 20 years of experience in the field of Israeli taxes, Adv. Oren has successfully handled hundreds of cases in conjunction with various tax authorities (income tax, VAT, customs, betterment tax, money laundering, etc. Adv. Ronen Oren is considered one of the leading attorneys in the field of Israeli taxation, efficiently applying a creative, original, meticulous and reliable approach.
The firm specializes in providing all notary services, notarized translation, notarized power of attorney, signature verification, notary approval, prenuptial agreement validation, wills and apostille.
Our professional and highly experienced staff provides reliable services of the highest quality, while putting a special emphasis on courteous service to the full satisfaction of the client.