Real Estate & Building Management

Leased property management

A. Preparing the apartment for rent and finding suitable tenants

– Receiving the property from the owner / previous tenants.
– Reading all counters.
– Photographic documentation of the condition of the apartment and its contents (if any) prior to renting.
– Preparing the property for rent (detecting and repairing defects, cleaning, painting, etc.).
– Researching the regional market and providing realistic price estimation regarding the rental fee.
– Publishing and marketing properties for rent via relevant media in order to find suitable tenants.
– Presenting the property to potential tenants by using the services of skilled property managers.
– Finding suitable tenants after screening and examination and arranging the final meeting between them and the property owner.
– Obtaining the required collaterals and guarantees from the tenants and delivering them to the property owner.
– Registering all property related bills in the name of the tenants.
– Conducting a lease agreement, including all the required annexes and providing explanation of the lease terms to the tenants.
– Collecting rental fee in advance and transferring it to the property owner.
– Ensuring that the tenants leave the property with no debt upon the end of the rental period.
– And now, we may start from the beginning.

B. Constant service
– Available to provide service 6 days a week.
– Providing quick and efficient service regarding all maintenance and repair services to be carried out by professionals.
– The process of handling any malfunction begins within 24 hours as of receiving the report (while striving for the shortest time possible).
– Reporting to the property owner upon repair completion. Any malfunction is documented in a
property file.
– Managing tenant relationship.
– Managing building committee relationship to obtain regular updates.
– Submitting periodic reports.
– Conducting photographic documentation of the property every six months, including examination of electricity, water, shutters, etc., as well as checking the payment of bills (optional).

Management of apartments for investment

Following a thorough research of this field over a long period of time, we have established several service packages, although we act in accordance with client’s requirements.

Ronen Oren & Co. Law Office, executives, professional and service providers ensure that your property is managed at the highest level.

Ronen Oren & Co. Law Office does not obligate the client by a contract for a limited time. We allow each client to terminate the contract with a prior one-month notice. We are committed (according to our SLA) to provide service of the highest quality.

Unoccupied property management

A service package for owners of empty properties, which are not leased (and are not intended for leasing), who require property supervision.

Service package includes:
– Visiting the property once a quarter to carry out a routine examination (checking electricity, water, shutters and other systems).
– Managing a relationship with the building committee.
– Carrying out property-related payments (municipal tax, electricity, building maintenance, etc.).
– Obtaining documentation from the Land Registry every six months to check the registration of rights (optional).
– Handling repairs if required by using the services of honest professionals at low cost.
– Reporting to the property owner upon repair completion. Any malfunction is documented in a property file.
– Delivering periodic reports.