Economic crimes

When a business owner is accused of economic crimes, it may include bribery, fraud, tax evasion, violation of securities, expense or deduction of false invoices, money laundering, etc. It should be noted that economic crimes could be small-scale offenses that do not involve any other entity besides the offender himself. Prior to opening a criminal file for the person accused of economic crimes, a covert investigation is carried out following information obtained by the tax authorities, such as in case of wiretaps and informant-provided data. Most of the offenders are not aware that a covert investigation is being carried out against them.

After collecting the evidence via covert investigation, the following investigation is conducted directly. The investigators visit the suspects without notice in order not to allow them to coordinate their versions or obstruct the investigation process. When such person is caught and faces experienced investigators, he must refute the allegations against him and prove his claims. In such cases, only an attorney specializing in economic crimes and criminal law will be able to help avoid severe punishment, such as imprisonment and payment of extremely high fines.

The stage at which it is recommended to be represented by a lawyer

Since the courts of law tend to give severe penalties in such economic crime cases, as tax evasion, money laundering, fraud, etc., it is important to seek legal counseling starting from the investigation stage. Even before the person is called for questioning, he should immediately contact his attorney.

Many defendants waive their right to consult a lawyer, since this might look as they have something to hide. It should be noted that this is the most serious mistake, which will cost dearly. Consulting your lawyer from the initial stages of investigation, prior to submitting the version, is very important, since the first version provided by the defendant or a suspect is an authentic version examined by the court and Tax Authority investigators. The sooner you seek legal counseling, the more chances you will have to avoid heavy punishment.

Stay of proceedings under exceptional circumstances

In case of exceptional circumstances, criminal proceedings can be terminated, even if the person was charged with economic crimes. An attorney, who represents a suspect or defendant, will be able to submit a stay of proceedings application to the Attorney General in case this is a single offense and it is not financially significant, subject to ransom payment. If it is proven that the person did not commit heavy economic crimes, the meaning of the stay of proceedings is indictment cancellation.

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